Diversified Diagnostic & Research Services

Delivery with Commitments is our Core Business.


The delivery process of our services is undergoing a number of changes over the years before developing into its present format. The services offered as part of the Diagnostic Services allow the patient to enjoy available, personal care, fastest delivery as well as other medically-related services found at laboratory.

Molecular Genetics

providing services of Whole exome sequencing - Whole genome sequencing.

Cytogenetic & FISH

Providing the chromosomal analysis and microarrays services along with the wide.


Providing the best in class histopathology services with immunohistochemistry

General Lab

Providing the services of routine and highly specialized lab services along.

IVF Clinical Services

Providing Consultations, Patient Education and related Diagnostic Services.

Flow Cytometry

Providing services for measuring cells' and particles' physical and chemical characteristics.

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Roya’s research services are available to provide outcome-based research for better healthcare for people all over the world. The Roya team consults with researchers and technicians in the fields of medical diagnostics in association with KAU.

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