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List of Services

Delivered the information you and your doctor need for your most important health decisions.

Our Team

Our experienced staff believes in helping clients build a sustainable and productive business environment with achievable results to ensure success and to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Our Laboratories

Our Local laboratories can provide diagnostics solutions for clinical trials across Saudi Arabia.



Affordable Diagnostics

RO’YA is an Specialized Medical Laboratories with CAP accreditation, that can reliably detect diseases at affordable price.

Advanced Diagnostic Centers

We constantly upgrade and implement the latest technologies in our laboratory testing and diagnostic procedures to ensure delivery of perfect health care to our patrons.

Qualified Doctors

Our self motivated and dedicated team of doctors has a major role to play in our success and growth and has provided us with an opportunity to deliver outstanding services.

CAP Accreditation

We render quality and high-standard services to our customers to ensure supremacy at every stage. We have been accredited by CAP.

Fully Automated Lab

Our pioneering, completely-automated laboratory is furnished with the latest infrastructure and instrumentation to produce flawless results.

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