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Building confidence and skills among healthcare researchers, scientists, medical practitioners and students to conduct properly designed experiments and write up high quality manuscripts and reports publishable in reputable international peer-reviewed journals is crucial for the development and promotion of medical research outcomes. Roya research services provide advanced lab services as well as the opportunity to consult highly qualified scientists, lab technologists, and technicians to help you in your research.

Urgent research problems, good equipment, involvement of researchers and well known Professors made the Roya a known center of genetics and specialized medical research. Roya aims to improve the methods of diagnosis, cure and prevention of inherited and inborn diseases in man, so following inborn and hereditary genetic diseases disorders, human chromosomes in norm and disease, biochemical and molecular genetics of hereditary diseases, genetic patterns of population processes, mutagenesis in man, and molecular biology of human chromatin, immunogenetics and medical genetic related research studies.

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