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Affiliated Laboratories




GenaTi is a Saudi limited liability central laboratory registered with king AbdulAziz Universtity. GenaTi offers a wide range of high-quality and cutting-edge genetic laboratory testing and internships. GenaTi diagnostic services exploit the latest technologies complemented with professional clinical and genetic consultation diagnosis and prognosis of genetic diseases and cancers. GenaTi contributes to the prevention of genetic diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening in its new IVF clinic. This infrastructure is organized in the form of research service units that is open to use for the GenaTi and KAU scientists on a collaborative basis.

King Fahd Center for Medical Research

At KFMRC, it is our responsibility to improve the condition of society and related quality of life by applying advance academic research and technology leadership in view of global excellence in health and research. We strongly believe that our service to the nation and its people in accordance to the global health will earn us great satisfaction in our work and will entrust people to have health care awareness in turn more responsible towards new and existing health challenges.

Center of Innovation in Personalized Medicine

The establishment of a premier innovation center for personalized medicine.  This center will focus entirely on the: Conceptualization, fabrication, validation and marketing of post-genomic tools that will make the provision of personalized medicine in the Saudi clinics a real and feasible option.

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