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Janeen is a Non-invasive Early Screen of Anomalies in chromosomes that analyzes cell-free fetal DNA from a sample of maternal blood for the most frequent chromosomal abnormalities without compromising the pregnancy, from week10.

INTENDED USE ALL pregnant ladies at +10 weeks gestation with singleton pregnancies can have the test.

Also, higher risk pregnancies include the following criteria:
  • Advanced maternal age (> 38 years)
  • Positive results of prenatal aneuploidy screening
  • Presence of ultrasound abnormalities
  • History of fetal aneuploidy

JANEEN Test Detects:

• Fetal Gender (XX or XY)
• T21 (Down Syndrome)
• T18 (Edwards Syndrome)
• T13 (Patau Syndrome)

• Monosomy X (X0, Turner Syndrome)
• XXX (TrisomyX)
• XXY (Kfinefetter Syndrome)
• XYY (Jacob’S Syndrome)

Key Features Of The JANEEN Test:

• Localized NIPT in Saudi Arabia
• Results available in 5-7 working days
• >%99 detection and <%1 false positive rate

Sample Requirements:

• 7-10 ml in Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT Collection Tube
• Store JANEEN sample at room temperature until shipment

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