Participation of Roya Laboratories in the first Forum of research centers at King Abdulaziz University

Under the auspices of the President of the University in charge, Prof. Dr. Hana bint Abdullah Al-Naim,

The first forum of research centers and the accompanying exhibition entitled “Developing Performance and Facing Challenges for Sustainable Partnerships” were launched.

The forum seeks to keep abreast of developments in scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge investment, in a way that guarantees the best outputs and achieves the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

During the forum, His Excellency Professor Dr. Muhammad bin Hussein Al-Qahtani delivered a lecture entitled: ((Challenges of investment in research centers))

  He affirmed with the important investment role and added value of the private sector in maximizing the outputs of research centers through real partnerships that provide a unique experience for beneficiaries from the health sector.


And through the exhibition, Roya Laboratories was keen to attend this forum, in which it was pleased to receive the largest number of researchers and postgraduate students, and the marketing and scientific teams listened to the urgent needs in providing a number of diagnostic solutions.

In the same context, Roya Laboratories represent the enormous research capabilities that they provide to researchers and postgraduate students, which provide full research services from scientific consultations and assistance to researchers in providing full advanced scientific diagnostic capabilities and providing the latest diagnostic tools, which is reflected in the quality of services that researchers benefit from aligning  with the Kingdom’s vision to support scientific research for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

The team of Roya Laboratories represented the supporting role in publishing the largest number of research papers and scientific publications over more than 20 years, which were among the main supporters in developing an advanced global classification for King Abdulaziz University in the field of scientific research.

And Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Hussein Al-Qahtani confirmed The willingness of Roya Laboratories to continue the work journey in supporting researchers and students which always been greatly reflected in the research outputs, which put King Abdulaziz University in the advanced ranks among the largest international universities.

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