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About us

Ro’ya Specialized Medical Laboratories is an initiative supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030; that led to the establishment of a group of highly specialized medical laboratories operating within the organization of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. The main aim of this initiative is to deliver state of the art services implying cutting edge technologies to all sectors in an efficient manner in order to achieve self-sustainability, one of the primary objectives of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030.
Some of these services include whole exome sequencing, comparative genomic hybridization, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening, innovative assisted reproductive technologies etc. Ro’ya also invests in indigenous human resource development of highest caliber that is utilized to establish extraordinary specialized laboratory services. Comprehensive range of medical lab services offered by Ro’ya can be found on our website.


Achieve par excellence and become renowned for our quality and variety of diagnostic services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To help the Saudi society and beyond by providing high quality and internationally accredited diagnostic laboratory services to support the heath care sector.


• Work towards accomplishing the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 by utilizing full physical and human potentials available.

• Adopt best medical laboratory practices according to optimum internationally known standards and criteria.

• Provide specialized medical laboratory services at competitive price for both Saudis and residents alike and report within shortest turnaround time.

• Market medical laboratory services and capabilities available to both private and public sectors.

• Achieve self-sustainable income for the university.

• Professionally operate all specialized medical laboratories at their full potential with precise monitoring to guarantee smooth functioning.

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